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[ Mittwoch 20.06.2012 ]


06/2012 - Computer Bild
Viel fürs Geld bietet der AOC-Monitor: Er hat drei Display-Eingänge und obendrein Lautsprecher an Bord. Opulenten Klang liefert der Testsieger freilich nicht, er tönt eher quäkig. Bestens: Als einziger Testkanditat hat der AOC nicht nur ein entspiegeltes Display, sondern auch einen matten Bildschirmrand. So stören keine lästigen Reflexionen zum Beispiel durch Deckenleuchten. Kritik verdient dagegen die schlecht lesbare Beschriftung der Menütasten. Das macht die Bedienung nicht einfach.

[ Sonntag 01.04.2012 ]


04/2012 PC Format - 1st place, 4.2 (Poland)

[ Donnerstag 15.03.2012 ]


03/2012 PC Monitors - 80% (UK)
"Despite the low-end contrast and responsiveness issues the AOC i2353 does offer you a lot for your money. No monitor on the market today can ever tick all the boxes but at under $200 (£155) this uniquely styled and well thought-out monitor is certainly a worthy choice."
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[ Donnerstag 15.03.2012 ]


03/2012 PC Pro - 5/6 stars (UK)
At this price, however, we certainly don’t expect perfection, and AOC’s i2352Vh puts in a performance which belies its budget heritage. With very good image quality at the forefront of its talents, not to mention the reassuring presence of a three-year repair or replace warranty, AOC’s i2352Vh deservedly marches straight onto the A-List.
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[ Montag 12.03.2012 ]


03/2012 expert REVIEWS - 5 of 5 stars (UK)
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[ Donnerstag 08.03.2012 ]


03/2012 Computer Shopper - Best Buy (UK)

[ Montag 05.03.2012 ]


03/2012 Trusted Reviews - 7/10 points (UK)
"If you're after a budget 3D monitor, the AOC d2357Ph breaks new ground in design and price, while its passive 3D implementation means glasses are incredibly cheap. However, the 3D performance isn't on a level with active solutions and darkens the panel slightly even in 2D - and with higher-quality IPS-based 'pure 2D' monitors available from the same manufacturer, you have to really want that third dimension."
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[ Donnerstag 01.03.2012 ]


03/2012 CHIP - 88.2/100 points, good (Italy)
“AOC has produced a very attractive monitor, with high-end technical specs. The contrast ratio shows a very saturated black, the brightness is super, and the IPS panel guarantees wide viewing angles. The response time is very good and the colours are excellent, even if you have to carry out a calibration first to get the best results.”

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