Company profile


Company profile

AOC in brief
AOC International (Europe) B.V., headquartered in Amsterdam, belongs to Europe’s leading manufacturers of computer displays. The product range includes LCD displays and monitor TVs. AOC International (Europe) B.V. is the European subsidiary of the globally operating display specialist TPV, based in Taipei, Taiwan. The company distributes considerably more than one million displays per year in Europe, worldwide more than 15 million.

In 1967, the Admiral Overseas Corporation was founded in Taiwan. With the introduction of the brand name AOC in 1979 and the opening of the first production facility in China in 1992, AOC commenced its rapid expansion into markets worldwide. Today, AOC is present on all continents and in a leading or top position in many markets.

AOC has been in the market for decades. The extensive technological know-how built up during this time is unique in the world and the basis for the high quality of AOC´s products.

Trade publications time and time again praise and award AOC for its first-class products. Numerous awards and very good assessments across Europe are proof of this.

Besides quality, ergonomics and performance, displays from AOC convince with their sophisticated design. Ranging from timelessly classic to ultra stylish models with brushed aluminium frames and profiles of less than one cm depth: the elegant monitors fit into every modern surroundig.  

Both at work and in their free time, more and more people worldwide spend more and more time in front of a flatscreen. Therefore, AOC places great value on the ergonomics of its products. Besides short response times and high contrast ratios as well as large viewing angles and  consistent brightness, numerous setting options ensure a strain-free and relaxing time in front of AOC displays.

Investment security
Everyone choosing a modern display wants their investment to be as safe as possible. For decades, AOC has been firmly established in the display market and belongs to the globally leading brands in the industry. Thanks to this strong position, the company guarantees its customers a high level of security, continuity and reliability.

TCO (Total cost of ownership)
In terms of the total cost of ownership (TCO), displays from AOC always achieve very good results. They convince with an excellent price-performance ratio when buying as well as with low costs over the complete lifecycle.  

Numerous develoment engineers integrate the latest technologies promptly into the displays from AOC. So customers can rely on receiving state-of-the-art products.  

Besides many small, medium and large businesses and private users, ministries, national rail companies and major public institutions are among satisfied AOC clients.

Product line
With constantly more than 30 different products AOC serves virtually all segments of demand in the business and private sectors. The lineup comprises four series:

Make a statement with the Style Line: besides their unique and innovative product concept, these smartly designed displays are also endowed with the latest state-of-the-art display technology.

Designed for professionals and the most discerning users: Pro Line models boast the latest in display technology and ergonomics for the ultimate overall screen performance.

Attractive displays at remarkably competitive prices: equally suited for demanding home and office applications as for systems integration, the Value Line is the ideal solution for the budget-conscious user.

Two worlds in one: a truly amazing multimedia experience awaits those who check out the impressive PC and TV display combos of the Monitor TV Line.

AOC set the course in the direction of “green IT” at an early stage. The product range encompasses a continuously growing number of economically produced and packaged displays that contribute to a decrease in overall power consumption and thereby a reduction in ongoing running costs due to intelligent energy management. For 2012, AOC aims at fitting all displays with LED backlights, which significantly decrease energy consumption and enable a mercury-free production.

Generally, AOC displays fulfill the requirements of established  international environmental standards such as ENERGY STAR, TCO or EPEAT. What is more, users can set further energy savings options individually and thus contribute to an even lower total consumption.

AOC displays are characterised by their extraordinary reliability. If service should be required, customers can rely on a high service level in currently more than 20 customer service centres around Europe.